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Doug Michels Studio
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Through the Eyes of a Visionary Colleague

An "ambassador of alternative culture," Doug Michels shared a vision in regard to interspecies communication with dolphins and whales. He and his colleagues ushered in the Dolphin Embassy, a floating communication station conceived to maximize close human/dolphin interaction on a long term basis in the open sea environment.

An architect for the future, with his colleagues, Michels designed a dual-hulled craft to be a home and studio/laboratory for a perceived crew of artists and scientists interested in relating to, playing with, and learning from dolphins. Nanotechnology, wireless biological sensors, underwater nanobots and waterproof computers, coupled with expanded human consciousness can make these designs realities, as time moves forward to the future.

A pioneer in human/dolphin communication, Doug shared with Dr. John Lilly, an understanding that a new language is possible between humans and dolphins. Lilly said, "Within the next decade or two we will establish highly intelligent, perhaps even intellectual communication with other species: non-human, alien, and probably marine. And we may encounter ideas, philosophies, ways and means not previously conceived in the minds of men."

BLUESTAR, a space station and orbital think-tank is one of Doug's concept designs for space architecture that provides an interactive living environment for humans and dolphins.

Cadillac Ranch, a Route 66 Auto-Monument, is now draped in black, as the cars have all been painted matte black to honor the passing of a bright star, now set free.